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Homeowners Insurance

There are many expenses that come with home ownership. One of the most important is homeowners insurance. Understanding how it works and how it may affect you is important in determining the right policy for you.

What is homeowners insurance?
It is a policy that provides protection against disasters. Generally, a standard policy will grant monetary coverage for property damage caused by natural disasters, as well as your liability for damage that may be caused by you, your immediate household, or pet(s), to others while on your property.

Who is it for?
Those eligible for insurance are usually individuals who have a financial stake in private property. This may include title holders, homeowners, and landlords.

How does it work?
Although it is not required by law, once an individual purchases a home, they are encouraged to obtain insurance to protect their investment. Many mortgage lenders will not issue loans unless the house is insured. Even tenant associations may restrict ownership from buyers unwilling to purchase a policy. This is due to the protection it affords owners. In the event of property damage or personal liability claims, the insurance company will cover the costs according to your policy. The procedures to file a claim after an accident varies by company.

Different types of home insurance
There are three basic types of home insurance. They are categorized as HO-1, HO-2, and HO-3. HO-1 and HO-2 offer the most affordable rates, however the lower rates are directly related to the limitations of the coverage they offer. HO-3 policies offer enhanced protection because they cover the home and the possessions inside it.

Major Benefits
There are several important benefits to being insured. Household damage as a result of storms, snow, fire, or vandalism will be covered, as well as damage from select natural disasters. The specifics of the coverage will be based on the policy you choose. Liability protection is also an important component to consider when purchasing insurance. If a guest acquires injuries on your property due to neglect, the insurance company will cover his/her medical bills.

Accidents and natural disasters are unpredictable. However, having insurance means that you have protection and peace of mind in the event of one.