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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Business
What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial insurance covers company cars in the event of an accident. Much like personal auto insurance, a commercial auto policy covers company drivers in the event of an accident. There are several types of coverage that can be chosen, just like a personal car insurance policy. Commercial car insurance can be a simple liability and/or personal damage policy or encompass such categories as uninsured motorist insurance, roadside assistance, and medical payment insurance.

Why Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance for My Company?

When one of your employees drives a company vehicle, they are responsible for their own actions behind the wheel; but if an accident occurs, your company can also be held liable. Commercial car insurance ensures that the company is covered if something happens while one of your employees is driving the car. You can select a policy that covers specific, named employees or one that provides blanket coverage for any employee driving the vehicle depending on the specific needs of your company. Whether you have a couple of cars that are in use on an occasional basis or a fleet of vehicles that are often in use, you want to make sure that your employees are covered.

What Are the Major Benefits?

Commercial car insurance means that no matter what happens when your employees are behind the wheel of a company vehicle, the company is covered. While you can’t guarantee that every employee will drive with perfect safety every time, you can decrease the financial liability experienced by the company following an accident. Like personal car insurance, commercial insurance will take care of damages, cover medical expenses, and provide coverage if a company vehicle is stolen. Depending on the policy chosen, commercial insurance will also help ensure that your employees don’t end up stranded by providing roadside coverage. In addition, commercial insurance makes sure that your employees are legal every time they operate a company vehicle: many states require an insurance policy any time a vehicle is operated.